Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Days...

I will be busy over the next couple of weeks with two new projects that I have the privilege of working on. One is illustrating a Celtic dulcimer CD cover and the other will be the cover of nature curriculum. Yesterday I had a reception in Eureka Springs at The Jewel Box and sold my very first original ever to a special friend :) I am thankful for that and everything I have been blessed with. It was way too hot to demo outside so I had to stay inside a large portion of the time. There was a fiddle player that performed outside the Eureka Fine Art Company as it got dark. Today I went down to my garden to check on it. In just a week and a half my plants have grown so much. My bell peppers are already setting fruit and I was able to harvest some basil today because it was starting to flower. Next year I will be able to plan ahead and get some really rare varieties of vegetables to try. I've always been interested in raising old-fashion heirloom varieties of plants. Not only do they add genetic diversity to the world, they often come in unusual colors and patterns. The Seed Savers Exchange is a great organization that promotes growing heirloom plants and many rare varieties can be obtained from their seed catalog.
   We've also adopted another little dog (a mini Schnauzer) so our mini Dachshund could have a friend. His name is Happy, and is better behaved than Little Man (the Dachshund)! They seem to really get along and little Man is a lot less needy and sad when we have to work. This weekend I have an art walk in Rogers from 4-9 on Friday. I hope I don't roast to death! I'm bringing a 24-pk of bottled water with me :) Other than that the only other art event going on is on the 24th. I will have a booth and sell my art at the Botanical Garden of the Ozark's Firefly Fling:
I'm preparing labels with the common and scientific names of all of the wildlife and flower cards I sell to go on my greeting card rack. Whew! I'm thankful I have a lot to do...

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  1. Happy is such a cute name! Are they still getting along together?
    My goodness, you certainly are busy! Things have been hopping like popcorn over here; we just got back from my library work and Kelsey's haircut, she looks really nice. Her hair had been down to the small of her back but now it's slightly below her shoulders. Mom's been giving me front seat driving lessons whenever we go anywhere, it's kind of funny. Apparently I'll start official lessons with Dad in his car after the play is done and my birthday is through with. The play previews on Tuesday, we made a lot of progress last night at the rehearsal. Kelsey gets to be a poppy. :-) I think she's the best one; most of the other poppies (little girls kneeling onstage with tall green poles pinned with felt poppy blooms) are looking around the whole time, in another world, waving their sticks crazily. There is such a stage dad who comes with his little kids to rehearsal; he sits there and makes all these weird mouth movements and hand gestures, thinking he can coach his kids while they're trying to pay attention. Man, if Dad acted like that when I was rehearsing, I'd be so embarrassed!
    The Girls and I worked for two straight hours yesterday in their room, getting things purged and cleaned out; we made a lot of progress.
    Hope you're staying cool! Good luck with everything going on; hope we can talk soon!
    Love you,